Listening to Music, Podcasts or Audiobooks on your Echo.

If you need some help with the initial setting up of your Echo device, please check out this article first.

Hopefully by now you have set up your Echo and are getting to grips with giving voice commands. Let’s try something a bit more complex.

How about listening to some Music, maybe a Podcast, or even an Audio Book?

Pre-installed within your Echo are three skills that will help make this process easier. Amazon Music, Tune-in Radio and Spotify.

Radio: First off, Tune-in Radio can stream all your favourite radio stations from around the globe. The good news is it is all set up and ready to go you just have to ask. To listen to a radio station try saying;

  • “Alexa, Start Tunein Radio and play Today FM”.

Alexa will continue to learn, and as she gets used to you and your favourite stations this command will reduce to simply “Alexa, Play Today FM”.

Music: Streaming music is a little trickier as you will need a Spotify Premium account (Amazon Music won’t work in Ireland).  You will also need to link your Spotify Pemium account to your Amazon account via the Alexa App by following the steps below.

  • Open your Alexa App and Click the Three Lines in the top left corner and select Settings.
  • Scroll to Alexa Preferences and chose Music and then Spotify.
  • Complete the account linking steps.
  • While here, click the Choose Default Music Service button and choose Spotify as the Default Music Library. This removes the need to keep on asking Alexa to play your song on Spotify as Spotify is now the default.      

You can now search for music by asking for the artist, a single track, or one of your playlists by name.

  • “Alexa, Play music from Katy Perry”.
  • “Alexa, Play my Relaxing Playlist”.
  • “Alexa, Play the Stuff You Should Know Podcast “.

Audio-books: If you have an Audible account already connected to your Amazon account, you can listen to your audio books by asking;

  • “Alexa, Read my book”.
  • “Alexa, read the Hobbit”.

If you are not close enough to your Echo, or it is late and you want to avoid talking loudly you can see your library and play any of your books, podcasts, playlists or radio stations from within the Alexa App. 

Along the bottom of the App there are five icons. The second from the right is the Play button. This is where you find your content. 


Bluetooth Speaker: If you don’t have an Amazon Music or Spotify Premium account to stream music over the internet, you can always use the Echo as a stand alone Bluetooth speaker to stream your own music from your phone.  To set it up;

  • Turn on your Phone’s Bluetooth.    
  • Say “Alexa, connect to Bluetooth”.
  • In the list of available devices on your phone, you should see something like Echo-EKT.
  • Connect to it and then play your music.
  • If you want to reconnect in the future it is much easier. Just say “Alexa, connect to phone”.

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