Amazon’s Echo Family


Echo Dot (£49.99): 

The Dot is a great starting point for anyone looking to try out some Smart Home Automation without spending too much cash. If you already have an Echo device in your home then the Dot makes the perfect addition to create a multi-room configuration. 

Packed with all the features of the larger Echo, this is an impressive little device. 

Echo (£89.99): 

The Echo is a bigger version of the Dot with all the same functions and features but with a much larger speaker to deliver high quality room-filling sound. 

It also has a better listening range so Alexa can hear you over other noisy devices in the room like TVs.

Echo Plus (£139.99): 

Packed with all the features found in the Echo and Dot, but with a few extra bits of tech under the hood. 

It boasts Premium Dolby speakers for crisp clear 360-degree music. It also has a built-in Zigbee Hub so you can connect to other Zigbee devices, such as plugs or light bulbs, directly. 

Echo Spot (£119.99): 

This is the first of the video-enabled devices. The screen is small so you wouldn’t watch a movie on it, but it is perfect as a baby monitor, or to use with a video doorbell to see who is waiting outside. It can also do some cool things like (picture here it can show a clock face. 

The main feature is its ability to video call other people. 

Echo show (£219.99): 

As the most expensive device in the family (at £220) the Echo Show is a premium device, with all the features and tech of all the others including the Zigbee hub and Premium speakers. 

Its larger screen makes watching TV and Movies a possibility, and you can also make and receive calls from others with a Spot or Show or even Skype.

Fire Stick TV: 

Worth a mention as it has Alexa Voice support to help find a specific movie or TV show. But again for Irish users this isn’t a great option as most of the good Prime Movies and TV shows won’t work here. While Alexa can open Netflix it won’t play the content so you still need a remote in your hand which kinda defeats the purpose. But as Prime offers more and more content here this might become more useful.

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