How to: Set up an Alexa Routine.

Congratulations on getting your new Alexa powered Amazon Echo device. Hopefully, you have it set up and are mastering the basics. But like many, you might have missed one of Alexa’s most powerful features as it is a little hidden away. Fear not, we are here to help you set up an Alexa Routine for the first time.

Let’s start by opening up the Alexa App on your phone. Click the Three Lines in the top left. About halfway down the list, you will see an option called Routines. Click this to get going.

Good Morning Alarm

In our example, we will set up a simple alarm to wake us up in the morning. Then we will make it a bit smarter by having Alexa read us the News Headlines, Weather and Traffic Forecasts, and let’s add our Calendar Appointments so we get a reminder about any important appointments.

We have outlined the steps below in this blog but if you would prefer a video. You can check out our quick video below that will get you set up in under 2 minutes. If you like it, consider giving it a like and subscribing to our channel.

Step 1:

Once you have the routine menu open, hit the + sign in the top right to create a new blank routine.

You will be met with three options on the next screen (like in the picture below). Take some time to check them out. The first option lets you set the name of your routine. Choose something memorable, but also something that is easy for Alexa to understand, so you can trigger it by voice later.

The second option is the most important as this is the trigger. You can select a number of options such as voice-activated. But in this option, we just want it tied to a schedule (time of day).

The third option then lets you add the actions you want Alexa to take. Again, here there are multiple options but for our example, we will use a few simple ones that suit a morning routine.

When This Happens

In our example, we are setting a morning wake up alarm. So we want to use a time of day trigger and we will set that to be 7:45 am. Click “When this happens“, and then choose “Schedule“. Tap “At Time” and use the next options to set the time to 7:45 am. You also need to set it to repeat every day. Click repeat schedule and select weekdays. As we will want a sleep in on Saturday and Sunday.

Add Action

Now that we have set the trigger. The next step is to add some actions to the routine so Alexa knows what to do. Click the “Add Actions” option and select the options you want to add. I always like to start with having Alexa say Good Morning. Then let’s add a few more, read the news headlines, update us on the traffic and weather forecast, and if you have it connected add your calendar to get reminded on any important appointments.

If at any time you want to remove an action or reorder the list. You can from this menu. Clicking the – icon on the left will remove an action. Pressing and holding the two lines on the right will let you move it up or down.

Click Save to save your Routine.

Almost finished

If you have more than one Echo device the last step is to ensure you Choose Device to ensure Alexa uses the right one. There is no point trying to wake you from the sitting room.

You have set up an Alexa Routine!

That is your first Routine set up. You can go on from here to make more and get much more complex. Adding some smart plugs or smart bulbs lets you include some lights. I do enjoy the Hue sunrise mode to slowly wake up to.

Connect Spotify and listen to some music as you get dressed. Add Thermostats, Hot Water and House Alarms to your morning routine to really bring it to life. You can even get a smart kettle to boil up a cup of coffee.