Google Announce a New Chromecast With Google TV

The New Chromecast With Google TV is the latest major update to the original Chromecast first released in 2013. The original became a surprise hit allowing people to cast their phone to their TV.

The small little dongle plugs directly into the back of your TV allowing you to cast your content from your phone to the TV. At that time streaming was in its infancy. Fast forward seven years and the landscape for streaming has changed dramatically with Amazon, Netflix, Disney, HBO and many more all releasing their own content on their own App.

Google has stepped up with a new Chromecast designed to remove the requirement of your Phone ensuring this is much more like an Amazon FIRE TV. Google TV organises all the content from your subscriptions and brings the Movies and Shows you are watching to the front screen.

It is also coming with Voice Controls, 4K HDR, the ability to group to other devices. Playing games via Stadia will come in 2021.

To pick up the New Chromecast With Google TV you can buy direct from the Google store for €68.95