Eero Mesh Wifi system | Review

Like many others I have been plagued by poor Wi-Fi around the house. Any room that is more than two walls away from the router suffers terribly and forget about getting any signal upstairs. About a week ago I fixed all that when the Eero Mesh Wifi system arrived.

For years I have battle with Extenders and Powerlines that did a job but each had their own problems and constantly required resets. Wi-Fi mesh offers a smarter alternative. For more on Wi-Fi mesh you can check out this blog post.

Today we are talking about the Eero mesh Wi-Fi system. We got the 3 pack (£149) to suit the size of the house, but smaller houses can opt for a single pack for £99. Although for the extra £50 the 3 pack is worth it.

We should also mention that this review is based on a product purchased with our own money so we are not beholden to anyone.

What’s in the Box?

You will get:

  • Three Eero devices.
  • Three plugs
  • One Ethernet cable.
How to Set up your Eero Wi-Fi mesh System?

Download the App:

Before you start go download the Eero App from the Google/iOS store.

First Device:

Grab any of the three devices. Turn off your Modem/Router and plug in the device. Give it a few moments to boot up and then connect to it via the app. When prompted, switch your own Modem back on and it will pick up the signal and you are set.

Adding the second device:
Simply plug it in at the location you want to use it in and connect via the App. Follow the same steps for the third and then set up is complete.

We did run into one small issue in the set-up. My phone could not find the device when searching (most likely an issue on my phone’s side as it happens regularly with other devices). There is a serial number under each Eero and you simply type it into the App and it will find the device and connect in a few seconds.

All in all set up was less than ten minutes.

I do have ethernet running to most rooms so I was able to plug in all three Eero devices in the office, sitting room and upstairs bedroom.

How fast is the Eero Wi-Fi Mesh System?

I have a 150mb Fiber to the home line and these are the speed test results I was getting.

Desktop wired directly into the router: 142mb
Upstairs back bedroom (furthers from the router): 145mb.
Sitting Room (Middle of the house): 143mb.
Office (Corner of the house and beside the router): 139mb.
There is some drop off as you move away from the devices. In the room furthers from any devices I was still getting a solid 120mb.

As you can see it gives a very constant performance across the whole house. You never have to reconnect to the Wi-Fi, They have been up and running for a week now and have not required any reset.


The Eero is a lovely looking little box. Its sleek white look in unobtrusive and fits in on any shelf, coffee table of bedroom locker. The setup, while not as straight forward as I had hoped. Was still simple enough to be done in under 10 minutes. The performance is rock solid and delivers above and beyond what I had hoped for.

Eero have a Wi-Fi 6 enabled device releasing at the moment so the above 3 pack is on offer for £149 on Amazon. If you don’t need Wi-Fi 6 or speeds over 300mb then this is a great offer.