5 Things to try with your new Alexa Powered Echo device.

If you are here then it is very likely you got a new brand Alexa powered Echo device and are wondering what it can do. Here are a few things to try.

1. Routines. Accessed via the three lines in the top left of the Alexa App. Routines allow the user to build their own specific events. Some examples include setting Alexa to wake you at 7.30am with the News and sport headlines, traffic updates, your daily calender. Or perhaps you want Alexa to turn off all the lights and plugs as you head to bed with a cup of tea in your hand. This can be set to a voice command like Alexa, goodnight.

2. Music. It might seem obvious that a speaker plays music, but when you add Alexa you get a lot more control. Linking your Amazon music or Spotify premium accounts via the App (three lines in the top left, then select settings and music, set default service) unlocks all your favourites and playlists. Alexa will search and find any artist, or playlist from a simple voice command (Alexa, play my chill out playlist from spotify). It can be used as part of a routine too.

3. Groups. If you have a number of Smart devices in one room you can group them together (set up via the App, bottom right corner) and control them all at the same time. For example, you could add two bulbs and two smart plugs that are in your sitting room to a group. Then you can easily turn them all off or on via a simple voice command or button press in the App. This can be handy if you want to turn everything as you leave for work, or as you arrive home, have them all turn on.

4. Multi Room Music. If you have a few Echo devices in different rooms around the house you can create a multi room speaker system. Set up via the App, by navigating through the devices button (bottom right) and then the + symbol in the top right. Just follow the next few steps to add the devices you want in the group. Then enjoy music that will play around then house.

5. Call Someone. Echo’s don’t just play music and give you recipes. They are also communication devices. You can “drop in” to any other Echo device in the house. This can be great to call kids for their dinner. Another option is to call a fellow Echo owner from your contact lists. The speaker devices let you chat while the video enabled ones let you see each other too.

We hope you found the above useful. There is lots more to discover with Alexa. If you find something with have missed that is really handy please let us know.